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The Live OWL Documentation Environment tool (LODE) is a well-known (in Semantic Web circles) Java & XSLT-based tool used to generate human-readable HTML documents for OWL and RDF ontologies. That tool is now a bit dated (old-style HTML, use of older technologies like XSLT) and it's (online version) is not always online.

This tool is a complete re-implementation of LODE's functionality using Python and Python's RDF manipulation module, rdflib. An ontology to be documented is parsed and inspected using rdflib and HTML or Markdown is generated using basic Python scripting and Python's Jinja2 templating.


pyLODE has been tested with all of the 30+ ontologies in pylode/examples/ and we are trying to ensure it captures all of their annotations. For each example, there is the original RDF file and the corresponding output, in HTML & Markdown.

The tool can be run as in these ways:

  • 'Python command line' -- cli.py in the main folder
  • 'BASH command line' -- bin/ directory, uses cli.py
  • 'as-a-service locally' -- via Falcon framework, see server.py in the main folder
  • 'as-a-service online'


Download/clone the source code: Github


Install pyLODE using: 'pip install pyLODE'

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